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R. V. Vernède

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Raymond Veveysan Vernède (9 December 1905 – 18 October 2003) was an English colonial administrator in India and a writer. He was educated at Bradfield College and Hertford College, Oxford. He was in the Indian Civil Service from 1928 to 1947; later he became Bursar of St Peter's College, Oxford.

On 6 November 1937, at Lucknow, he married Nancy Mary Kendall, younger daughter of Sir Charles and Lady Kendall of Weir House, Countess Weir, Devon.[1] Sir Charles Kendall, a Judge in the Allahabad High Court, was in various posts in the Indian Civil Service, shifting towards the judicial side of things after his marriage in 1910.[2]

He is known for two books based on his experiences in Garhwal in the Himalayas: The Enchanted Loom, a historical novel, and The Collector's Bag, stories. He also edited British Life in India (1995), an anthology of writings, and A Sounding of Verses.

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